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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Telenor Launches 3G internet in Gilgit

It seems like Telenor, a leading Cellular Company is testing 3G Data service in Gilgit city. I was trying to surf internet using telenor 2G service as usual, I was surprised to notice the unexpected data speed (internet speed) while surfing regular websites. Meanwhile i noticed that the green 3G icon was visible and active on my mobile phone. Then i came to know that it is not a miracle but actually Telenor is testing 3G in Gilgit City. The arrival of 3G service in Gilgit is no doubt a good news for all, but it is extraordinarily special for those individuals who have started or planning to start online jobs (freelancing). In Gilgit-Baltistan there are many skilled professionals who have potential to earn a decent income while working as freelancers or bloggers while working online, therefore this is really a ray of hope for all those who were otherwise suffered due to low internet speed in the region. So, all freelancers, bloggers, SEO/SMM professionals lets hope for the successful launch of 3G service by Telenor and other cellular companies.. Good Luck :-)



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