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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Android Lollipop (5.0) has been Launched.

Android 5.0 Lollipop has been officially launched and is being considered as the largest and most ambitious release for Android yet!

This new version of Android has come up with new features for users and thousands of new APIs for developers. Considering its rapidly growing demand from various users ranging from students, professionals and business persons, Android Lollipop has been specially designed to extend Android even further, from phones, tablets, and wear-ables, to TVs and cars. It will help make Android Lollipop more and more user friendly and useful equally for personal and business use.

For a closer look at the new developer APIs, see the Android 5.0 API Overview. Or, read more about Android 5.0 for consumers at

Key Developer Features in Android  Lollipop:

Performance focus
Your apps on the big screen
Document-centric apps
Advanced connectivity
High-performance graphics
More powerful audio
Enhanced camera & video
Android in the workplace
Screen capturing and sharing
New types of sensors
Chromium WebView
Accessibility & input
Tools for battery-efficient apps