China Scholarship Council invites application for full scholarship for international students including students from Pakistan India and Bangladesh. Scholarships are available for pursuing  PhD degree level in the field of Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering at China Three Gorges University. Scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation fees, insurance, registration fees, monthly living allowance and establishment stipend. The application deadline is 30th of April.

  • Scholarships are provided to learn Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering.
  • Scholarships are available for pursuing PhD degree level at China Three Gorges University, China.
  • China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC), entrusted by the ministry of Education of China.
Eligibility: Applicants must meet the university eligibility criteria.
  • International Students can apply for these scholarships.
China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC), entrusted by the ministry of Education of China, is responsible for the enrollment and administration of Chinese Government Scholarship Programs. China Three Gorges University is one of the authorized universities to accept the CSC full scholarship students for PhD programs. We welcome all the international students to participate in these programs.
Programs open for the scholarship application of academic year 2015-2016:
-Program to earn PhD  in Civil Engineering
-Program to earn PhD in Hydraulic Engineering.
  • The Scholarship covers:
    • -Accommodation fees
    • -Insurance
    • -Registration fees
    • -Monthly living allowance
    • -Establishment Stipend
  • The mode of applying is electronically.
  • The application deadline is 30th of April
Normally, Online CSC Scholarship Application cycle starts from January and ends on 30th April. is the official website of CSC where you will be able to find the University and Course of your interest in China. Please be careful while selecting course, as some courses are taught only in Chinese Language. Courses taught in English will be marked as International Courses.