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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Responsive Web Designing

Learn market oriented technologies for Responsive Web Development.

I have tried to collect some tutorials for those who are interested in web development. Responsive Website development is the need of the time. For this, as professional you need to update your web buiding skills and must learn HTML5 & CSS3:

Download pdf

HTM5 is the latest, the fifth version of the hypertext markup language (HTML). In comparison with the previous version HTML5 gives web developers considerably wider opportunities. Particularly, HTML5 introduces new elements and attributes that allow to make the interaction between websites and search engines easier. It will have a positive influence on promotion of such sites in the search engines.
Besides a number of new elements in HTML5 allows to get rid of the necessity to use outside plug-ins and extensions that used to assist web browsers to display websites correctly. To such elements we refer
May functional facilities of HTML5 are supported now by the latest versions of web browsers. The use of HTML5 allows to make the site pages load faster and to enrich your site with new facilities. If any of HTML5 functions is not supported by the browser, it doesn't harm the site at all, as HTML5 is based on HTML4 and elements which are not supported are simply ignored.
CSS3 allows to make the opportunities of website layout coding considerably wider without using outside technologies. CSS3 allows to develop more attractive design of websites using the minimal required code. The same way as HTML5, CSS3 is only partially supported by modern browsers. However, full support of HTML5 and CSS3 by modern browsers is expected to be realized within the next few years.
What benefits can a website owner reap from HTML5 and CSS3-assisted web development?
The main aim that is pursued during website development is to acquire a modern, attractive, easy-to-use and functional website that will perform its tasks effectively. HTML5 and CSS3-assisted web development helps to achieve this aim.
HTML5 and CSS3 allow to cease using a lot of images that form some elements of page design such as rounded corners, shades, gradients. As a result web pages load much quicker. It helps the site to make a positive impression on its visitors.
HTML5 and CSS3 also help to avoid installation of additional plug-ins and extensions for browsers that used to be necessary for playback of animation, video and audio files. In contrast to Flash elements, this technologies interact with the search engines more effectively and do not impede promotion of sites in the search engines.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Who can earn online?

Who can earn online?

Most of us think that online earning is for special professionals with specific expertise. This is not true. There is great potential for every one ranging from beginners to professionals belonging to any profession. The basic criteria to work online is having relevant expertise with fluency in English to be able to communicate well with employer. Following are some areas where you  can find work online according to your expertise and interest:

  1. Data entry.
  2. Audio & Video Transcriptions.
  3. Web Research.
  4. Content writing.
  5.  Article writing.
  6. Translations.
  7. Search Engine Optimization  / Search Engine Marketing.
  8. Social Media Marketing.
  9. Web Designing.
  10. Graphics Designing.
  11. Software development.
  12. Online Book Keeping.  (And many more...)

How to earn online?
There are many online platforms / websites where individuals and companies from around the world keep their tasks for outsourcing. Freelancers / Online workers register themselves with those sites and search for the tasks of their interest and expertise and bid for the ones the want to do. Following are some of the re-known websites:

There are some important things which should be kept in mind while applying for jobs online;

  •  Employers are always concerned about the quality of output, so to prove yourself an ideal candidate provide samples of your previous work.
  • Take a look over the profile of the employer to avoid the possibility of fraud or scam. You can view the comments of freelancers about the employer with whom he /she has worked. Also you can see the  budget he / she has spent on workers.
  • Carefully bid considering the total budget the employers has and the the quoted budget of other bidders / applicants. 
  • Keep your covering letter simple and professional. Do not use generic application / covering letter for all bids. Customize you covering letter according to the task.
  • Keep your time line realistic so that you could easily meet your deadlines.