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Friday, September 19, 2014

Blogging for Android and tablets.

With the revolutionary changes and advancement in ICTs and their application in every walk of life, every day more than ever people are using computers and internet. Initially people have been accessing internet via their desktop computers. Later laptops were frequently used by most internet users, ane now as smart phones and Tablets are very commonly used by majority of internet users. The most common and famous operating system among smart phone and tablet computers is definetly The Android Operating System. So far various versions of Android OS have been released like Jelly Bean and Icream Sandwitch etc.
There are various reasons behind the rapidly growing popularity of Android OS. One of them is user friendliness. Its users become addictive of using it. Moreover it is equally robust and efficient enough to satisfy its users.
Keeping in mind the popularity of Android OS, application developers have been actively involved in developing various Apps for Android. Therefore today we can easily find our required App for our Android Tablet. You may hardly find a task to be done on tablet for which you cannot have an Android App.
I am not wrong in saying that using an Android Tablet or Smart Phone actually makes our life much easier.
As blogging has also become a very famous business on internet and there are bloggers from around the world who are consistently earning a decent income from blogging.  Sometimes bloggers may observe that their blog business is declining.  This may be due to bloggers are not critically noticing the changing demands of internet users and blog visitors, which ultimately suffer them a lot. To get maximum from your blog, you should know the curtent trends. And, Andoid is dominating the market nowqdays, so every blogger must tune his or her blog accordingly. Contemporaty blogs should be responsive, means they should be tuned to fit and displayed well on every display size, whether it be a desktop computer, a laptop, a smart phone or a tablet running Android or any other OS.  This way your blog will be equally common among tablet and smart phone users too.
In the next article i will share some very useful Android Apps you must have installed on your tablet or smart pnone.



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