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Monday, March 17, 2014

Do you have problem of frequently forgetting your passwords?

Hello guys! Today I am going to share my experiences of dealing with my own passwords. I use to create accounts on many websites for various purposes. You already know that in order to be able to use any online useful data or service you are required to create an account with your email ID, user name for that particular website and a password off course! When you do so for too many websites each for different purpose, one day you may realize that when it comes to check one of you less frequently used account, you have forgot you id or password! It makes us too much frustrate in such situations.
This is what I have suffered from so many times. May be this will be in case of yours too. If it is so then You don’t need to  worry more about this as I have got a solution for you.
The solution is pretty simple; if you are using google chrome, just search for “LastPass” Extension for Chrome. Follow the steps given below to add Last Pass Extension:

In Chrome, go to tools Menu.
Click on Extensions
Scroll down the page and find “Get More Extensions” and click on that. You will find the interface  to search required Extensions.
Write LastPass and search.
 Just click on the “+” in front of LastPass Extesion. It will ask you to download and after a while you     will see it added on your chrome.
Once you have Last Pass installed, you need to create an account on LastPass using your email ID.     
Set a password for that account. After having last pass installed and having account on that. You just need to remember your last pass account and password.
Having your last pass active, whenever you will create an account on any website it will ask to             remember it for you. And you may allow it. Actually it will store all saved accounts information in vault. You can access your vault whenever you need it.



  1. This is really very helpful for me, as i have too problem of forgetting paswords.