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Thursday, September 18, 2014


 Pay per Click PPC and Pay Per Download servicesIn todays world almost all individuals have their digital identity in a way or other. With the emergence of world wide web business of almost all sorts have gone online. People arround the world use internet to search their required item online and purchase it online through various e-commerce based websites. In this digital era where everything is hapenning online, other than buying and seling websites, there are websites and blogs where you may be guided to choose a best product. Professionals and experts are offering their valuable services via social media, specialised websites and even free blogs like Here a question is that; why do they waste their time while helping others for free of cost? Is there a source of income for such bloggers? The answer is that, they really do not waste their time. Rather they invest their time and get a good income from blogging. They actually monetize their blogs. The concept is that, they try to write good and informative stuff to share for free with as many as possible people online. Once they get enough visitors for their blog, they apply for various advertizing campaigns from a variety of companies like Google AddSense and infolinks etc which provide advertising material to be displayed on quality blogs. When the blog gets advertises displayed on the posts, actually they advertize products or services of a third party busines through the blog among blog visitors. Hence the blog owners receive icome against each click by blog visitor. These advertises are known as Pay Per Click Campaigns. Pay per click campaigns are very common source of income among bloggers. A novice successful blog may earn upto $3000 per month. But there are bloggers whose income per day from blog exceedes $2000. There are a number of well reputed Pay Per Click Services from which you can monetize your blog. Here is a list of top Pay Per Click (PPC) services.



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