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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Top Pay Per Click (PPC) Services to make money online from blogging.

Among more than 70% of bloggers and webmasters who are earning online  PPC Pay Per Click Campaigns is a famous and proven Advertisement publishing methods from years to earn online. Earning from PPC Advertisements on blogs is major source of income among majority of bloggers I have observed many websites ranging from newer ones with relatively low PR to famous ones with High Google Page Rank use Pay Per Click Ad network. 
If you are interested in doing such a business online than you may have definitely observed that there are dozens of PPC Add networks on Internet. Choosing the right PPC network for your blog is really important step towards a better income.  To make better decision of choosing right PPC network, it is important to understand that there are basically two types of PPC Add networks.
  • There are really some big renowned Add Networks from which you may earn a better income on daily basis if you have significant traffic on your blog.
  • There are also some small PPC Add networks who basically affiliate the PPC Adds. This means they get adds from some well reputed PPC networks and provide those adds to others; and in this way they earn their commissions on adds by selling on relatively lower rates to bloggers or publishers.
Based on my personal experience, I am going to list the best PPC networks here. Rating a specific PPC Add Network is really difficult for me. But to take a better decision in choosing a PPC Add Network you may consider the following factors:

  • Check the Page rank and Alexa Ranking of their Homepage. 
  • You must consider their Add Conversion rate.
  • Which service or network gives you the best rate for the country from which you geyt most of the traffic of your site.
For an example if you are getting most of the traffic from America, Canada and UK. And you are going to decide from the PPC Add networs A, B and C. You have found that PC Network C is offering best rates on average from your countries. PPC Add Network A is good for traffic from UAE. Then you must consider C.

Following is are the most famous PPC Add Networks:

    Google AddSense Alternatives
  • Google AddSense is is considered market leader for online publisher PPC Ad network. The main reason is that it is Google's service. As Google has gained its brand name as Leader in the market so the advertisements on AddSense are of best quality too with good CPC rate. Advertisements set on your blog are relevant to the content and context of your blog, thats why it gives better CTR (Click Through Ration) That's why most of the bloggers and webmasters are preferring Google AdSense as the best PPC Ad network.
  • is another good PPC Ad network like Google. Media.Net is a part of Bing Yahoo Network. Being owned by and part of well reputed and trust worthy sites like Bing and Yahoo; it is also good one with better PPC (Pay per Click) Rates.
  • Vibrant Media PPC Network is one of the best PPC ad network with Premium advertisers. They have provided their Ads to many high traffic niche sites. Their PPC rate is the highest in the industry. This network does not allow all sites or blogs to join because their requirement is that; at least you require half a million page views per month to join this network. 
  • Chitika PPC Add Network is another good alternative to Adsense. Mostly, people who have banned by Google find Chitika as an alternate  PPC Ad network to use. Approval may take a week and after getting approved for any one of your site, you can use Chitika Ads at your other websites also. Their PPC revenue is lower as compared to Adsense and Media.Net but good than others. However PPC rate depends on keyword and source of traffic. Minimum Payout is at 50$. 



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