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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Have you lost your USB Data; and you are sure you have saved it there?

I have lost my important data in my USB /Flash drive or Memory Card . . . 

How I will recover my very important data?


Hey guys! I have observed this problem with most of people. When you are sure that you have saved your data in your memory card, USB or some removable media and you are unable to access your data; even you cannot see there it at all!
If this is the case with you too.. you are lucky that I have a solution for you. Actually your data is "supper hidden" means that even none of the anti virus software cannot fix this issue. 
Follow the steps to have your precious data back for use :-)
HunzaTech-Hidden data Recovery Tip
  • Insert your USB drive or memory card whatever it is.
  • Go to My Computer and identify its drive letter whether it is C, D or something else.
  • Open command prompt. You can open by typing cmd in RUN and hit ENTER!
  • In my case it is the drive D, so type D: and hit enter to go to that drive.
  • You will go to D prompt i.e D:\>
  • here type: attrib -r -a -s -h  /s  /d 
  • Hit ENTER.
  • It will take some time apparently doing nothing in next line depending on the size of data stored. And will retun to D:\> again, hopfully without an error.
Now.. can you beleive, you will have access to your DATA.. 

Have fun and dont forget to comment.