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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Facebook rolled out its new feeds design!

Facebook has just rolled out its new feeds design. The new look includes some font changes and more prominent photos that occupies the entire news feed, but the overall look is more subtle than the changes Facebook promised a year ago when it first announced the redesign.

The new design also has some slight changes, for instance bigger buttons added to the "individuals you may know" segment along the right rail and slight appearance tweaks to icons on the "update status" and the "add photos/videos" tabs over the top. The new look won't affect the way stories or ads are surfaced. Pictures for both ads and natural/organic stories will be the same size, as are visible on mobiles 

According to facebook officials this update does not influence advertisement specs, ads execution or improvement.Also these changes will not effect how content is surfaced or the ranking of stories in news feed. 



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